Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Fling

Dear Showers,
Oh my God,
You'll never guess,
Oh my God,
You're gonna flip out!
Oh, my, Gawd!!!!!
Wash that mud mask right off of your phat lil' face cheeks right now, oh my God!
I mean, the hair,
and the shoes,
and the music,
It was like,
Oh my god,
And the flowers...! Don't get me started.
I know, it's amazing.
Sit down.
I had some left over potato soup from the middle eastern bakery,
and three wilted carnations in a milk glass vase were catching the afternoon sun.
And some promising merge artists were wailing from the free standing Sony device.
And he was watching his adult cartoons in the next room, at an appropriate volume.
And I was wearing jeans,
and muddy chucks,
and an ivory tank top that accentuated my Germanic profile.
I heated the soup with the one working burner. And the one wooden spoon.
It was UPS yellow,
and vampire garlic.
It took like, fifteen minutes to get it, like, piping hot.
Oh, my God!
Then I poured the soup into two bowls,
and in the process I spilled a little on the counter and decided not to clean it up,
I stared at it for a moment and thought about how much money I had in my checking account.
Then I took the two bowls of soup,
two spoons,
and two napkins,
out to the coffee table for the two of us to share.
And then,
get this,
he looked right at me and said:
"You shouldn't have".
Can you believe it!
Oh, my God.
It's what we always dreamed of!
Peace Out,
Skin and Toast

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