Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Buck Eyes?

I don't think I've ever really spent any significant amount of time in Ohio.
I've driven through it.
I've maybe stopped at that rock n' roll hall of fame.
Uncle Don and Elaine live in Ohio.
It's not that far.

And then
and now
Angel Food lives there.
She got in a truck and drove there
to live.

Angel Food is my friend. I just love her. That's all there is to it. It's like that moment you realize you can boil your own sugar in your own water on your own stove to make your own simple syrup. That's how I love Angel Food. Easy and sweet. She's my easy sweet epiphany. She makes my lonely kitchen a bustling shop. Fills it with life and decadence.

I cried. When you told me. Well, as soon as I got home of course. That kind of dry, heaving, Clair Fisher cry where you start laughing in the middle of it because you know you're being ridiculous, and probably a little drunk.

I have a problem with trucks. Sort of like some people have a problem with bikes. Or red hooded sweat shirts. Or gas stations at night. Or camp grounds. Or men.

When someone I love loads a truck, I'm a little girl, and I just want to go with you. So. Bad.

But, I'm an adult now. A real adult. I made it. I made it to your front porch the night before you left. I drank two of your beers, and hugged your father in law, and sat right down, and let the dog lick my face, and watched the rain, and talked, comfortably, sweetly


I squeezed you like a sponge. But, kept my eyes dry as a box of course. Because you don't need to see that. Because you have a long drive ahead of you. Because you have to be up early. Because the truth is I'm really happy for you. This is your life that you've been planning and dreaming since as long as I've known you. And I'm so proud of you guys for doing it. This is why I love you so much. Your follow through. Your attack.

And I'll probably see you MORE! Because when we're together we'll like totally be like together. Like doing everything like together in a different place! Just like on tour! Sleep over!!!

Oh, Angel Food
I love your hair
I love your shoes
I love your glitter
I love your string cheese
I love your snort
I love your clip boards
I love your art
I love your clown
I love your husband
I love your daughter
I love your dog
I love your God
I love your red wine
I love your porch
I love your silly


Break a leg,
Skin & Toast & Cake

PS: Thanks for suggesting I audition. I never would have thought of that on my own. You changed my whole life.