Monday, March 18, 2013

And then she took the red scarf off of her head and used it to dry his feet.

The boys were doing they're gesture piece.
And I was watching from my stool.
And I caught a glimpse of all the people leaning forward in their blue velvet seats.
I was so proud.

Life raft also just got the coolest job.
Artist in residence at Children's Memorial Hospital.
To terminally ill kids he's going to walk in and say "hey, wanna write a story about it?"
At times he'll have to wear a mask.
They are very sick.
I'm so proud.
That's a ministry.

Also there is this man that we work with
his name is the first letter of my name
and the things that he does are take the breath out of you things.
They are plays.
The things that he does
and the price of the ticket usually includes the cost of asthma medication because one usually develops asthma during the durations of the things that he does.
And for his next thing he wrote in a silent character for life raft to play.
That is going to be so lovely.
Wheezing organ lovely.
I'm so proud.
It's called Ivy Wild.

I was talking to Jesus and Anne Lamott about how it feels good to watch it all happen from my stool in the dark. It feels really good to breath it in happy, and watch it puff out my chest in pride, and fill my lungs with support, and form the congratulations and the excitements from the marrow of my smiles and my hugs. It feels so good to be happy for people. Especially and most importantly when that person is your life raft. Your partner. Your biggest fan. And Jesus and Anne Lamott looked right at me and said something a long the lines of


And then I said thank you for putting up with miserable little me all these years. Thank you for always having my back even when I'm a horrible mess.

And then they looked right at me and they said

pay attention, don't miss your cue.

To love & Serve,
Skin & Toast

Monday, March 11, 2013

Reviews: Not Bad

Attendance: very low

On: to the next project

Because: that's how we roll

Skin&Toast&Tights&Our Lady of the Flowers

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Women Girls.

When I say that I love my friends
when I say that I'm lucky
when I say that I drank a little too much the night before
but I was in complete control actually
because I was eating the whole time
when I say that I no longer have time to be fat
or splotchy
or small
or shy
or boring
or tired
or stressed
or loathing
or quitting
or embarrassed
when I say that I don't know what I want to be when I grow up
when I say that I hope the Benedict comes with potatoes
when I say that I'm having fun
when I say that it's easy really
it's just my thing
I'm jealous
sort of
also proud
or not surprised
I hope it's a good book
I hope Lenna Dunam writes a good book with that 3.7 million dollar book deal
I hope it's good so that I can read it
and get mad with you
and talk about the things I want to do
with my late twenties
oh wait

and it's not fair
and you're the only one who understands
that I'm in debt
and I'm white
and I'm fine
and I lost my virginity when I was twenty
under a white mesh canopy from Ikea
when I say that I got my period on Friday when it was supposed to come on Saturday because you sent me a text message about how your tampon fell out while you were walking home in the snow
you shaved off pieces of my uterus with your mind because you're
and powerful
when I say that I had a photo shoot today
in a garage
with my friends
and Stephanie Shaw
and Joe
and two large dogs
and a magenta t-shirt
and very little make up
when I say that
when I say that off hand to the lanyard in the elevator
when I say that
what I actually mean to say is go to hell
go to hell with me and all the lakeview women who ask for separate checks
just for a moment we'll wade up to our ankles in hot lava
just for a moment before we turn around and reach for our phones
stand on our toes and reach for
like this.

Love Always,
Teeth & Bones

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Oh, How I Miss My Paper Girl.

Paper Girl.
I remember the instant I met you.
In the nasty kitchen.
The nasty upstairs kitchen.

Oh, the kitchen.
Oh, the individual bags of chips.
Oh, the brilliant rotating flavors of generic sodas.

Heather of all people introduced us.
I bet you remember.
I bet you remember your leather jacket
and my red sweat shirt.

Oh, the leather jackets.
Oh, the orange dresses.
Oh, the stenciled heads.

We were turned around with dough in our eyes.
Heather was leaning on the counter.
Over the counter.
Muscles bulging.
Bosom dripping.
Authority reeking.

Do you two know each other?
Are you the other one?!
                The other one?!
Big hug!
Big stranger hug!
When do you start?

I miss you.

I miss walking down very cold streets with you.
I miss talking to you in the car in the morning on the way to packed high school auditoriums.
I miss whispering to you in the summer.
I miss standing next to you at baggage claims.
I miss borrowing your deodorant all the time.

I miss you on a Wednesday night in an over sized white bathrobe under a quilt that you made for me with your hands.

For no particular reason my temples are throbbing
Paper Girl Mine Paper Girl Mine Paper Girl Mine
For no particular reason other than I think I would go anywhere, anywhere
For you,

Skin & Toast.


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Jesus Gave Me A Snow Day.

For real.
It has to be Jesus.
Jesus and the snow day parable.
MFA college was canceled today. All of it. The whole day locked up. No classes. No meetings. No entry.
How nice of you Eleanor Jesus Roosevelt.
How nice on the day after my opening night.
How nice of you to alert me so far in advance.
My performance was so focused and charged.
I was thinking about what I was saying instead of what was due tomorrow.
Can I get an amen?
And that extra celebratory whisky and soda water went down so smooth on account of I knew I didn't have any responsibility today.
Today has been hoarded up with the kitties and the grub hub.
My pants are not pants at all and it's well into the evening.
Venn diagrams litter my living room floor.
Softly interlacing in dusty pastel chalk the same differences between writing, and performing, and writing performing, and workshoping, and presenting, and devising, and leading, and editing, and listening, and me.
And us.
And all the things we do.
Skin & Toast

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Enter SL.

Cue off of Lizi.
Take chair from SL lip.
Place front right leg on spike mark.
Cue off of Lizi.
Lizi exits SR.
Finish text.
Exit SL.
Enter SL on Kurt's "Transcribe a passage of...." Line. Anticipate.
Sit at ajoining desks DSR with Tim.
Remember cues.
Lots of one liners.
Just keep looking at Tim.
He knows what's going on.
Exit SL on Tim's "Lets be beside this thought..." Line.
Come right back on SL.
As soon as podium is set.
Tim helps you on podium.
Deliver sad text.
Tim carries you off SL.
Considerable amount of downtime during Trevor's interruption.
Enter SL for gesture piece.
Cue off of Tim.
Tim hands you desk.
Place it DSR.
Chair should already be there.
Kurt got it.
It will take a while for table cloth and pickle/glass of milk to be set.
Just look interesting/ed.
Still doesn't make abundant sense.
But, looks good.
Do the pickle thing.
Exit SR.
Get folded piece of paper off of shelf.
Hold it and stand off SR until
Tim's "fucking some other guy." Line.
Enter with bottle cap text.
Talk to Lizi.
Do beach/Katherine Hepburn stuff.
Watch Kurt exit SL.
Cue off of lights/music to start talking to Hank.
Talk to Hank about love.
Slip paper to Lizi.
Pass paper from Lizi to Hank.
Hank reads it.
Stand on "it is a fine story." Line.
Walk DS.
Turn SL.
Walk SL.
Walk to desk.
Sit at desk.
Clean up.
Eat orange.
Listen to Lizi.
Say hi to Kurt.
Give papers back to Kurt.
Let Kurt sit at his desk.
Finish orange.
Look pissed.
Interrupt again.
Sit SL of Kurt in chair.
Move chair DSL on "Fake." Line.
Watch Kurt do tribal dance.
Walk off arm in arm SL.
Feel it.
Fake bow.
Actually just come back out and say thank you.
The end.

To see the play that happens by this, and with this, and in this, come to the Neo-Futurarium TR/F/Sat's through 4-6, 7:30pm. Opening this evening, 7:30pm.