Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Jesus Gave Me A Snow Day.

For real.
It has to be Jesus.
Jesus and the snow day parable.
MFA college was canceled today. All of it. The whole day locked up. No classes. No meetings. No entry.
How nice of you Eleanor Jesus Roosevelt.
How nice on the day after my opening night.
How nice of you to alert me so far in advance.
My performance was so focused and charged.
I was thinking about what I was saying instead of what was due tomorrow.
Can I get an amen?
And that extra celebratory whisky and soda water went down so smooth on account of I knew I didn't have any responsibility today.
Today has been hoarded up with the kitties and the grub hub.
My pants are not pants at all and it's well into the evening.
Venn diagrams litter my living room floor.
Softly interlacing in dusty pastel chalk the same differences between writing, and performing, and writing performing, and workshoping, and presenting, and devising, and leading, and editing, and listening, and me.
And us.
And all the things we do.
Skin & Toast

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