Sunday, March 10, 2013

Women Girls.

When I say that I love my friends
when I say that I'm lucky
when I say that I drank a little too much the night before
but I was in complete control actually
because I was eating the whole time
when I say that I no longer have time to be fat
or splotchy
or small
or shy
or boring
or tired
or stressed
or loathing
or quitting
or embarrassed
when I say that I don't know what I want to be when I grow up
when I say that I hope the Benedict comes with potatoes
when I say that I'm having fun
when I say that it's easy really
it's just my thing
I'm jealous
sort of
also proud
or not surprised
I hope it's a good book
I hope Lenna Dunam writes a good book with that 3.7 million dollar book deal
I hope it's good so that I can read it
and get mad with you
and talk about the things I want to do
with my late twenties
oh wait

and it's not fair
and you're the only one who understands
that I'm in debt
and I'm white
and I'm fine
and I lost my virginity when I was twenty
under a white mesh canopy from Ikea
when I say that I got my period on Friday when it was supposed to come on Saturday because you sent me a text message about how your tampon fell out while you were walking home in the snow
you shaved off pieces of my uterus with your mind because you're
and powerful
when I say that I had a photo shoot today
in a garage
with my friends
and Stephanie Shaw
and Joe
and two large dogs
and a magenta t-shirt
and very little make up
when I say that
when I say that off hand to the lanyard in the elevator
when I say that
what I actually mean to say is go to hell
go to hell with me and all the lakeview women who ask for separate checks
just for a moment we'll wade up to our ankles in hot lava
just for a moment before we turn around and reach for our phones
stand on our toes and reach for
like this.

Love Always,
Teeth & Bones

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