Monday, March 18, 2013

And then she took the red scarf off of her head and used it to dry his feet.

The boys were doing they're gesture piece.
And I was watching from my stool.
And I caught a glimpse of all the people leaning forward in their blue velvet seats.
I was so proud.

Life raft also just got the coolest job.
Artist in residence at Children's Memorial Hospital.
To terminally ill kids he's going to walk in and say "hey, wanna write a story about it?"
At times he'll have to wear a mask.
They are very sick.
I'm so proud.
That's a ministry.

Also there is this man that we work with
his name is the first letter of my name
and the things that he does are take the breath out of you things.
They are plays.
The things that he does
and the price of the ticket usually includes the cost of asthma medication because one usually develops asthma during the durations of the things that he does.
And for his next thing he wrote in a silent character for life raft to play.
That is going to be so lovely.
Wheezing organ lovely.
I'm so proud.
It's called Ivy Wild.

I was talking to Jesus and Anne Lamott about how it feels good to watch it all happen from my stool in the dark. It feels really good to breath it in happy, and watch it puff out my chest in pride, and fill my lungs with support, and form the congratulations and the excitements from the marrow of my smiles and my hugs. It feels so good to be happy for people. Especially and most importantly when that person is your life raft. Your partner. Your biggest fan. And Jesus and Anne Lamott looked right at me and said something a long the lines of


And then I said thank you for putting up with miserable little me all these years. Thank you for always having my back even when I'm a horrible mess.

And then they looked right at me and they said

pay attention, don't miss your cue.

To love & Serve,
Skin & Toast

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