Sunday, March 3, 2013

Enter SL.

Cue off of Lizi.
Take chair from SL lip.
Place front right leg on spike mark.
Cue off of Lizi.
Lizi exits SR.
Finish text.
Exit SL.
Enter SL on Kurt's "Transcribe a passage of...." Line. Anticipate.
Sit at ajoining desks DSR with Tim.
Remember cues.
Lots of one liners.
Just keep looking at Tim.
He knows what's going on.
Exit SL on Tim's "Lets be beside this thought..." Line.
Come right back on SL.
As soon as podium is set.
Tim helps you on podium.
Deliver sad text.
Tim carries you off SL.
Considerable amount of downtime during Trevor's interruption.
Enter SL for gesture piece.
Cue off of Tim.
Tim hands you desk.
Place it DSR.
Chair should already be there.
Kurt got it.
It will take a while for table cloth and pickle/glass of milk to be set.
Just look interesting/ed.
Still doesn't make abundant sense.
But, looks good.
Do the pickle thing.
Exit SR.
Get folded piece of paper off of shelf.
Hold it and stand off SR until
Tim's "fucking some other guy." Line.
Enter with bottle cap text.
Talk to Lizi.
Do beach/Katherine Hepburn stuff.
Watch Kurt exit SL.
Cue off of lights/music to start talking to Hank.
Talk to Hank about love.
Slip paper to Lizi.
Pass paper from Lizi to Hank.
Hank reads it.
Stand on "it is a fine story." Line.
Walk DS.
Turn SL.
Walk SL.
Walk to desk.
Sit at desk.
Clean up.
Eat orange.
Listen to Lizi.
Say hi to Kurt.
Give papers back to Kurt.
Let Kurt sit at his desk.
Finish orange.
Look pissed.
Interrupt again.
Sit SL of Kurt in chair.
Move chair DSL on "Fake." Line.
Watch Kurt do tribal dance.
Walk off arm in arm SL.
Feel it.
Fake bow.
Actually just come back out and say thank you.
The end.

To see the play that happens by this, and with this, and in this, come to the Neo-Futurarium TR/F/Sat's through 4-6, 7:30pm. Opening this evening, 7:30pm.


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