Saturday, March 6, 2010

OK, Just This Once

Dear Afternoon Sun,

You cast a spell on this Ravenswood apartment.

The living room is currently soaking at the bottom of a glass of white wine, so I took my macbook out to the tree house, no boys allowed.

And there's a man from Colorado playing a banjo in the other room.

I've heard that some people get nervous when there's nothing to do at the moment.

I'm the opposite of that.

I like to stretch out on the marble floor of a Grecian bath house, and stare at the voided out patterns that ornament the space between the tiles on the wall.

Cobalt blue.

Windows instead of outfits because it never gets below nice.

And wide strips of fabric hanging from the vaulted mahogany wood beams next to lanterns next to pineapples.

And you only ever have to work just hard enough so that you enjoy the breeze on your neck.

Skin and Toast and mini blinds

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