Friday, March 5, 2010

spring ahead

Dear case,

Suddenly this is about my "disability",

My multiple syndromes,

It took me six hours to complete three mid terms today,

It was rough.

It was dark. Beloved in the grave before she was born dearly beloved kind of black cafeteria.

At times it was not that bad. Like when I knew the answer.

When I really know the answer it's eighth grade all over again and they just posted the cast list.

Who are they?

The kid on the bus had an orange hat as florescent as the day is long, and the kid next to him had a poster board as neon as the Craig is clown. And the lights that said Ashland were as flowing as the milk and the honey.

OK, that was impossible, OK, this is what happens; I show up at the library, and they hand me an envelope, and I do whatever I have to do, and the next thing I know it's six hours later. I don't pretend to know what it's like to be looking for a fix that you can't have, but it might be something like that. Those six hours might be the first forty eight hours. Touch me by an angel you sexy sexy thing.

The guy who checks in on me could tell.

He said next time we'll stagger em'. Even get the tutor to take em' with me. If it comes to that.

He's nice.

Spring break! Fat cat! Take it off! (work more hours at the Bucks).

Linda always used to say:

In a low tone:


Through frosted gloss:

"This too shall pass".

And I was always like:

Why did you just say "shall"?

Bloomington Bed and Breakfast,
Skin and toast

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