Saturday, April 9, 2011

Oh Baby, When I'm in a Coma I Want You to Pull the Plug, Only You

After five weeks together
Six years apart
Six years together
A drawer full of hand written letters
Each of them signed
Your biggest fan
One apartment
Two little kitties
One theatre company
Long drive to Montana
Short flight to Boston
Lots of late spicy take out
Some pretty spectacular fights
Countless weekends in Bloomington
Hilarious original songs
A Pulitzer prize winning family
A bunny
Our nation's capitol
Learning to drive
Mornings at laundromats
Evenings in meetings
So many bars
Back to school
Lots of help
Live music
And tapes
And project after project after project
Roaring fits of laughing screaming AH you're in trouble now make it stop UNCLE UNCLE

Why'd you stop?


Texas Lexington Good friends Ground rules

I said
He said
We said
I said

And then I swaddled your eye lids in a thousand kisses
And at the very end of your life when you count all of your blessings
I will be at your side counting each of them as my own,
Skin and Toast and Jess

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