Thursday, March 24, 2011

Followed by the pound sign.

Sat down to stack of Williams and dug myself out finally.
Funny how the slightest bit of productivity can cure what nails you under.

The always banana guy from my old store came into my now store and I was so happy I scared myself.
He looks the same.
Did I ever tell you I really like people?
Not all people, I hate all people.
But, banana people off the street,
They really get me.
I like standing in lines.
I like being one of five hundred migrating short people crowding in dust to the Buckingham light show.
I like that bridge over the highway that goes to the beach.
I like orientation day.
Name tags.
Bathrooms in public.
I saw one of those Iowa people.
You know how they're aliens?
I went to a poetry reading and he was introduced as an Iowa graduate.
And I was like,
They come here?
They go outside?!
Let me see him, sniff, sniff.
I think his poems were good.
I was too busy sniffing him.
Actually, he was really sweaty.
Really, it looked like someone threw a bucket of water down a hallway, and he didn't know where the bathroom was, so he just splashed around in the suds because his mentor had said to him before he died that he missed the innocence he used to have in his poems before he got poured into workshop.
He read a longer poem about an ice cube, it was meta.
And I was like, somebody get this man a street to walk on, the standards are so high these days.
And we could all stand a bit more potassium in our lives.

Like it, Love it, Gotta have it, just kidding, watching my weight and yours,
Skin and Toast

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