Sunday, March 13, 2011

Oh My God Like

Did I ever tell you that Bloomington is like amazing
Like totally out of sight
I don't know what it is
The bags are made of straw
And the music has no words
And there's pizza in the sewers
And the coffee smells like basements
And when you go out for Chinese food you're really just in some body's house
And then you walk around the campus and it's like
I don't have to go to Paris anymore
Did I tell you that this is where Abraham and Dorothy met their love and life and baby and brain?
Yeah, this is where they started
They're my people
Across the courtyard
We all spent every morning to afternoon together
We sat on tree stumps and scraped china bowls
We helped each other with our perforated edges
It was the quilt of my spring
It was the brace of my break
It was the carpet under my bean bag
I feel them here
The ghost
And youth
Of my people
Scotland nothing
This is my homeland

Swans of song,
Skin and toast

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