Sunday, April 10, 2011

And Then It Was Summer

Dear Gumption,
If everything goes as planned I'll have a BA by June.
That went quick.
So, the moral of the story is,
I have no idea.
I wanted to do it.
As simple as that.
On the bus.
Off at Kedzie.
Books on back.
Coffee in hand.
Step down.
Cross left.
Through the lawn.
In the door.
Click Keys.
That's why.
Sometimes you wait and wait for these big moments to erupt.
And then they never really do,
Not on the right side of the dotted line anyway.
But, a long the way, in the upper room,
You pick up reasons and people to do it for.
Not people depending on you,
Not even invested in you,
But, watching you.

I'm in the middle of comps.
I have to say this place is no slouch.
It takes three hours to fill a blue book.
That's three hours you could have been watching re-runs of everybody loves raymond.
See what I mean?
I turned in a rough draft of my manuscript yesterday.
It's weird, all the writing I've done for the show, but never have I sat down to write twenty pages of myself, creative meant to be read not heard self.

I'm here to win.

Oh wait, already did.

(even that is a little too dramatic, I'm done with drama, kind of, I make theatre, widle it from scraps).

Take it from me, they're not going to call, put your head down and work.

See you at the stables,
Skin and Toast

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