Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Highly Recommended Me


And he came to the show on Sunday and gave me a hug.
He's a supporter.
He goes the last leg.
Takes it one more valve to the street.
Even at this level.
Must have found him under an inner city pre school rock.
Must have just found him.
And tenured him right.
Must he be surely
Doing a service.

"I was impressed."

Got the letters confirmed/working on the essay/compiling the best ten poems in a folder marked/ready/to/submit/life goal/to blur the lines between prose and poetry/to support/and nurture/one/room/at a time/to submerge the rest of the calendars in words/in practice of stringing/and arranging them/on pulp/on loose/on purge/on cat/

We, people like us, we don't know what's next. We just see steps, and buy protective gear on sale at the Carson's. And when it gets weird, when you've done too many light sources in one day and you can't stop tapping your leg, and smiling nervously at the people eating cheese and mustard on cloth napkins, then you simply take a bus home and update your to do list. They wont mind. They understand that some people can pursue doctorate degrees in fitness while working fifty hours a week as a personnel trainer all while writing plays on Tuesday morning that will be performed on Friday in a loud voice. And I am far from that person. I bruise easily. And I did not make your latte correctly, but I did make it damn good. And I have learned by now that the minute you settle for good enough, the even more excellent and frothy your next square in your next excel box turns out to connect with a smile and a thank you. And what's wrong with that? My surviving parent is a corporate lawyer and we are very close. But, so thank the strand of empathy in her that relates to the breadth of transcendence, or, at the very least, the that was fucking awesome, and so hail the nerve in me to fill out the teaching portion of the application. Because we owe it to ourselves to try to one day be members of Cosco, although we vow never to stop satirizing it to our dabbles, and post marks, and contests, and highly, highly,

Recommended mine,
Skin and Toast

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