Tuesday, December 28, 2010


You need to get out
Take a walk to the grind
Grind is closed
Go to that other shop that is in the square
But is not the grind
The essay is fine
It's you
Stop obsessing
Start attaching and filing
Funny how love comes out of love
Interesting how far a text message can go
Poetry may have a renaissance now that everything is under fifty characters
Lets freak out and cut our bangs too short with ghetto grade school scissors
That's my idea of a good time
Also a bowl of hot salted nuts
And twenty four hours of Oprah
Seven days a week
Silk on flannel
On beautiful gay interior decorations
Pip publishing company now accepting submissions
Kitty is in good spirits
Except every time we look at him we feel like crying
Cause we're scared or something
He's different
His body is growing in crooked around the pieces they took out
What a trooper
The people around me at square tables all their own
All of them They
Speak of movies
The ones that are playing across the street for a good price and a bottle of white cheddar Seasoning
Hope that's not their only source of stimuli
Hope they wandered into the cellar
And bought something other then a Cosmopolitan Fair
Hope they had a Merry
And a Bright
I need more butter for my bagel
I need a dumpster to catch my breath for a second
I need a plan to carry me through the next five minutes
I need some putty for my midget bangs
I need a tip jar screwed to the side of my back like a thermos
I need a tall glass of wont you please see it my way
My nails are also too short
Everything else is a desert
Obama is coming home to get some checks
Isn't that what the holidays are all about?

Yours in Skin and Toast and keep the change close

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