Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dear Plugs,

Hold tight.
Seal the cracks.
Don't let the snake bite you in the camel toe on the way out of the panty liners and ramen dinners.
Raise the pen on up to the she
And the devil.
The power is hers.
The trip is costly affecting all of us.

I wonder if that convenient store is still there.
The one in Shrewsbury.
It had a wood floor.
You could get a lot with a dollar.
The milk was in glass.
There was a pond and some trees behind the what was it called?
Lundgens? Maybe?
I found it romantic that you could walk to a pond with a dollar in you pocket and no one would bother you.
I liked the crunch bars.
I think Tony liked the butterfingers, although I could lay down and die for not being one hundred percent positive that Tony liked the butterfingers. Maybe I liked the butterfingers. It was so long ago.
I remember climbing trees.
But, having nothing to do, really, once we got to the top,
Climb down.
And then sometimes we would kill frogs.
They sat so still on the rocks.
Huge white bellied toads.
We would scout out the biggest rocks we could find,
Creep slowly towards the hundred penny marsh,
Raise our weapons,
He would point out the blood in the water.
I would pretend to see it.
Years later he went to war.
He was in the rear with the gear.
Now he sits in a tie and enjoys shaking deals.
I sit in my socks and--

Skin and Toast

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