Thursday, December 29, 2011

Well That Went Well,

Twelve days later,
It's safe to say,
That went very well.
The at home life is pretty much exactly the same,
In case you were wondering.
But, see that's the point.
We looked around at our home one day,
And said, hey,
This is a marriage.
Lets be publicly in love.
Lets do this.
With the best of intentions.
So now,
We have the same ol' familiar package of bacon,
And the same drawer of underwear,
Now resting on the basement of this one particular weekend of awesome memories to have and to hold till death,
And not really even death,
Personally, I'm promising all of eternity.

We've enjoyed sleeping in,
And drinking whisky,
And having Christmas,
And breaking from the grind,
And singing hilarious original songs,

Tonight we're thinking of driving to Rockford for dinner.

I love, and love, and love,
Skin & Toast

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