Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thank You Secret Santa,

There is a plate of soft cookies on my table that somebody else took the time to make,
For me,
There is an orange kitty on my bath mat,
My kitty.
There is a jug band at the Grafton tonight,
And I'll see my ol' friend,
And I'll blink my eyes,
And I'll take as little time as possible in the bathroom,
And I'll put the front of my toes on the tops of my feets,
And pay no never mind to the polar bears or the forest fires.

Bless the students in Virginia,
My prayers.

Got the license today,
No lines,
Its off season,
Had a lot of fun getting up early and getting the coffee and taking the train,
I'm talking painful stomach fun,
I'm talking people looking at us fun.

Number one most awkward question in the universe: What is your occupation?
Despite our writer/performer/waitress/painter/free lance/child care/barista/teacher answers to these questions;
Self employed is typed in black ink on lines seventeen and eighteen of the certificate.

Did I mention I plan on wearing combat boots and a jean jacket?

Did I mention this is all that I am and all that I have.

Skin, Toast, Humans.

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