Friday, December 16, 2011

I love my friends.

Dear Grandma Miner,
I am sorry that you are not here tonight.
I am sorry that your daughter is not ever here.
I apologize with the depths,
the deepest parts of my self,
the breath, and width,
and depth,
of me.
I know that I have said some very mean things,
I know that I have been very immature,
and I'm sorry.
I didn't mean them.
Any of them.
I don't know what happens when you die.
I don't know what happens when I die.
But, I think that I might have loved you once.
On a lake in Canada.
And I know that I would like to take harmonica lessons at old town.
And I love my friends so much,
With the breath,
And width,
And depth,
of me,
Skin & Toast

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