Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Its Not That I Can't Do It Anymore

Its just that I don't want to.
Like that time I had to memorize the I have a dream speech.
Third year.
Killing school.
For me it was no problem.
To them it was ridiculous.
390 credits later.
I call myself a poet.
I got tired of sad monologues about my mother.
And started ranting.
And now I can't take it back.
Because I don't want to.
Because I'm over the whole thing.
I just want one person to have me.
And the rest of em'?
See em' around,
Push em' a down
Baby Jessica sure dried up.
I just want them all to understand that their babies will get big.
And not as cute.
And then sure enough the babies wont be wanted anymore.
Too quiet.
Raccoon in the eyes.
And they'll all leave their babies and replace them, watch.
So you better thank me when you're old.
I had a dream differed.
Does this make sense?
Give me a break,
Skin and Toast

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