Sunday, May 2, 2010


Dear Pepper,

First: Make an effort to learn the names of the people you see every day. I practice this code in my barista life, it's very easy for me to learn the names of the customers, I only have to ask their name once, and it's immediately associated with their milk preference and time(s) of day. And what a difference it makes. As soon as they open the door, "hey Elizabeth. Usual"? Elizabeth is then much more likely to treat me like the human being that I am. And my morning is much more likely to endure. And I, in turn, enjoy learning the names of the many Clark cafe servers, not only do I sympathize immensely, not to mention cringe at the title "sweet heart", or "darling", but they, in turn, are much more likely to treat me like the human being that I am once I learn their name, "hey Mary, got any lemon cookies today"?

Second: When sitting at a gourmet brunch establishment with your lover, and half way through the meal/conversation; one of you looks across the sugar at the other's palmetto concoction and says, "hey, that looks good, could we trade"? And then without missing a beat, the two of you trade plates entirely, to the finish. That is intimacy.

That's all pepper. Now quit your barking and go to sleep. I can hear you from my kitchen table and smiley face pajamas.

Skin and Toast

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