Monday, May 17, 2010

In Town #2

Tone Tone,
Meet me at my Starbucks,
Close to your hotel,
That's a lot of money Tone Tone!
No way,
Your mom?
Busy month.
Get to travel.
Do you want something?
You look exactly like your Dad.
I know,
It's receding that way.
The women in this family are just like that.
Maybe it's a problem,
It's just the way it is.
How have you always been so nice?
Every time?!
I know, the sandbox, it's the sand box.
Every time.
Yeah, and the little balls of cookie dough,
Yeah, well, it was cookie dough ice cream.
No, no, you put those balls in there.
Ice cream doesn't just come with balls.
What are you crazy? Of course it does?
So, am I the great aunt?
I don't know.
No way, high school?
Not fair.
Oh, that's good he's living on campus, that's good.
You look the most like your Dad.
Yeah, I heard he's the only one who sent anything on Mother's day,
Well, we have to commit to our estrangement.
Of course.
I know, she said she made a decision to eat even when she's not hungry-
So that she can baby sit her great grand daughter-
Yeah, I know.
If I had known that's all it would take I would have gotten pregnant at sixteen.
Well, it's still nice.
Your right, your right.
Where did you get that watch?
I found it on the window sill at my office.
Of course.
Of course you did.
No one claimed it.
Oh, I'm buying a house.
Two stories.
So you don't regret any second of the marines? not a one?
Absolutely not.
Business degree.
No, not really.
I'll think of something.
I just can't ever wear a blazer. Personally.
No, no, you look good.
You always look good.
I know!
I swear there are lines on my face that weren't always there.

You have more rocks on your beach then I remember.
No, I wasn't around for that.
But, I can see it.

On the count of three,
More then you'll ever know.

Oh, yeah,
Short trip,

Skin and Toast

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