Monday, May 3, 2010

Check's In The Mail

Dear Mom,

Today was the last day of classes for the spring semester. That means that I have been back in school for an entire cycle of seasons. Can you say miracle? No. Your tongue is too swollen. Nevertheless, lets reflect in list formation.

(clears throat).

Things I have learned:

1)Listening to the gut is key. When you feel a voice other then your own pushing you in a certain direction; go there.

2)I can write.

3)It is speculated that John Donne might have been a homosexual. Also, and thusly, John Donne only gets cooler.

4)Audre Lorde.

5)Hard work feels good. Like a hamster sleeping on your eye lids good.

6)Really got a partner here, these little tests help to prove and strengthen the long awaited unconditional support. (You wouldn't understand).

7)I-Pad-equals-post-modern-equals-sulmacron-sp?-red pill-Lewis-equals-dada-equals-death-equals-balls-equals-tralfamadorians.

8)It's not over.

9)Get used to the idea of always being in school.

10)I have needs. They might be special, or at times really embarrassing, as long as I accept the advantage I'm given, who cares?

11)This is important. Pay attention.

12)A negative and a negative is a negative, I think.

~I'm sure there's more, but, never been too swift at the summaries.

Good Luck With Finals is the Thing to Say,
Skin and Toast and Pride

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