Thursday, February 18, 2010

When Life Hands You Puffy Pants Wrapped In Bacon.....

Dear Fish Friends,

Did that just happen?
It didn't begin or end in the steam room with good friend Myrtle sharing bikini secrets, unless it did. Which it might have.
Maybe the whole entire night took place in the steam room with Myrtle.
Maybe I was time traveling through past life regression salads.
Maybe the Tralfamadorians inhabited my body for twelve hours.
Maybe that just happened a little, on a smaller scale, but my drink was ruffied so it all seems colossal. Wait. Actually it would be the other way around, if my drink was ruffied. The world would be large, and I very small, like a low to the ground barn animal.
The guy from North Carolina on business with his video camera services! His secret cameras in the ceilings of doggy day cares.
Now I remember!
Fillet Mignon wrapped in bacon!
Lemonade crushed up into vodka country times!
Hotel just seconds away from the one mile of magnificent shopping!
Japanese movies projected on to the ceiling!
On a week night.
With a Las Vegas salad bar.
Spit out into the corporate morning.
Apple pie
Fried in
Wrapped in
Only the best for us,
Sprawled out like dogs across that king size.
If you count your blessings
You get dizzy and have to dip back into the pool
My heart,
Skin and Toast and Sleep

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