Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Dear Weekend,
When friend boy visits his sister in sand country last Friday to Sunday, I find myself doing strange things, like forgetting to take the pins out of my hair before I go to bed, or putting the fork back in the silverware drawer after I've just used it to scrape out the cat food. Or forgetting to add water to the ramen before I press start on the microwave oven. Or getting lost on my way to the Kimball brown line. Or running my nose all night. Or getting really defensive for no reason. Or sleeping through the alarm. Or compiling strange lists of things I don't want to do before I'm thirty, Like;

Get a breast reduction.
Get a pilot's license.
Go to law school.
Tattoo the inside of my mouth.
Back pack across Iowa.
Get new headshots.
Hang glide.
Lose weight.
Die alone.

But, then the tides come out of the caves and light the houses with friendly dragons inside. That's my favorite thing about friend boy. He always comes home.

Your pal,

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