Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Dear Viewers,
Pssssst; I have a secret. I, um don't think you read this. But, that was the plan. Lame plan, huh? On-line journals are funny little soda crackers. I mean, what's the point?
I think the point is writing, or learning to write for an audience could help me grow as a real life, published WRITER. I mean, if this was my moleskin it would all be about how fat and abandoned I am. And, no one wants to read that. Frankly, no one wants to read about what I did today. They want a PIECE of actual writing, a hook, a crook, a beginning, middle, and end. Right? I hate the word frankly, the bald founder uses that word all the time and it makes my eye lids boil over into my taste of Lebanon lentil.
Anyway, maybe I should pick a different theme for my blog. Something other then; "I need a place to take notes". Maybe I should screw the whole letter format. Maybe I should explain why I chose the letter format, how much letters mean to me and my past. Maybe I should just give it time.
My soul sister has the best blog of all time. Maybe I should follow her rules. She has a couple hard rules that she sticks to vehemently. They include never using pictures, and always keeping it short.
Well, gotta run. If you have any ideas, kindly drop a line. But, wait, you're not there yet. Well, that's natural. By the time you get here I'll have figured it out.
Love Always,
Skin and Toast

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