Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dear Cherubs, Love, still in the neighborhood

~Had the day off/But, still felt like I was doing something sneaky/Five of us dressed up like pioneers and trekked across Northwester's campus looking for room 421 of the communications building/Friend boy actually was playing hooky from his desk job that is practically spitting distance from room 421 of the communications building/Seriously/Costumed ourselves in bonnets and pinafores/I had the purple dress/And the red bonnet/and the mint green journal/Did a reading of a play inspired by the homework assignment of a certain group of fourth graders or something/I think any way/twelve twenty somethings taking a class on the culture of kids/cool class/I know/I think anyway/I was the only non monkey/Helping out PHD candidate friend be a guest lecturer/Loved her expecting body/Loved her pending title/really happy to get that hot cup of coffee at eleven in the morning/yes/eleven/didn't have to be anywhere till eleven in the morning/Very happy to curve along the Sheridan road ways/Imagining what I could defend someday/What group of suits I could persuade to purchase my dissertation/Exchange my peanut shells for salaries/My boot straps for sleep tights/But, a happy kind of wonder lusting/Like, just take a right at the end of this next one/(Beat, Beat)

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