Wednesday, January 20, 2010

One beer, and most of the reading done.

Dear Math,

Crap, I can't believe I'm still taking you up the ass cheeks. However, good news; just got an e-mail from the disability guy explaining that from now on I only have to do the odd numbered homework problems. And, those answers are in the back of the book. Thank you, I'd also like a cookie. I'd also like to get credit for a one act play I write explaining the effects of drinking and smoking on an unborn child. I'd like this play to be performed at every public school in existence. I'd like my mother to be in the front row.

I'd like my mother to be in the front row. The front row. The front of the front row, please.

I type these words with purpose. I stole that line from a movie. I have to do a little more reading. I wont get much sleep. But, by getting to the end of every assigned page I will feel one step closer to victory, to adulthood, to Anne Lamont wisdom, to getting published, and sticking the landing.

I've had one beer, four hours of Too Much Light rehearsal, and three deep throated kisses, and this makes me just smart enough to keep still.

Skin and toast

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