Thursday, January 2, 2014

Mint Lemon Scrub

Wake up whenever
crawl to shower
have silent damp conversations with wall
crawl to Precise Tea Cafe
curl up in corner
with laptop and list of goals.

I got a lot done today. Like seven hundred words. I got a lot done last year. Even the stuff I didn't accomplish I still feel like I accomplished because they're on the list. And if it's on the list it's like half done. I read that in the Buddha book. Also, I end the easy days with hot baths and grainy scrubs. And one of my best friends got engaged. And one of my other best friends is moving to the coast. And one of my other best friends I never see anymore. And I keep calling my mother, but her mailbox is full but it's OK because I would just hang up anyway as soon as she answered. But, by the time I'm soaking in deep sea minerals all I can think about is my breath. And I haven't needed my emergency inhaler in like a month. And I think that has more to do with piece of mind than you think. And sometimes I hate the corners of my apartment. But, I've been breathing through this abundance pot lately. It's like a Netty pot only you don't have to stand over the sink. And I have a lot of cool stuff. And I love it all. Plus I have my life raft so everything is fun. Even when cap sized and flailing. Even when freezing and busted. Have to laugh. I mean, that face. That face.

Bears and Girls,

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