Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sound it out

I've learned annuity and lawn chairs and

The city of God against the pagans

I have a seat up front

Baseball season is fast approaching

I don't hate him on Thursdays

He took me to the games

That much I can say

I'll give you that

And she took me to the theatre

I'll give her that


Read Jesus' son

Recommend it to the highest

I want to write something half Dillard half Johnson

I'd be happy not reading it out loud

My voice has been shaking lately

Swollen knees

Soft piano

Pink canals

There seems to be fluids on the floor, two inches deep

I sweep my jacket over my naked shoulder

And part my lips

And someone snaps a black and white January

And someone holds me on their private refreshing car

Sipping fizzy water in my pajamas I feel like my mountain has arrived

I've been in so many apartments it's embarrassing

And wonderful

Just awake enough to know I'm exhausted

Heavy friend with kings of kings of kings of kings

Skin and Toast

PS It's not a Chicago thing. On the south side the only way to save your parking space is to get your kids to lay down in it, face down. Your red cones and card board boxes get shot on the south side. Even Linda had a gun. And she drove an 84' silver ford tempo. Two door. Please.

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