Saturday, November 27, 2010


Perfect time to defrost the freezer.
Scrub the base boards.
Prepare mayonnaise based salads in bulk.
One for every day of next week.
Stalk Craig's list.
Want everything.
Reinvent yourself.
Create a new Pandora station.
Call everyone half way related to you.
Inquire their left over quality.
Don't understand how one could not live for mayonnaise based salads.
Change status.
Pile the articles in order of relevance.
Start with the bibliography.
Annotate it.
Work back.
First eat fifteen chicken nuggets dipped in A1.
Trim the bikini.
Crunch the abs.
Crack a window.

Mount the memories of you.
Imagine us driving back from Iowa right about now.
Tom at the wheel.
You at the smoke.
I etching the sketch.
Too young to worry about what I have caloried, saturated, not enough fibered.
Proud to be acing the middle of fourth grade.

Crumble under my seat.

Snap back to the making,

Of myself,
Skin and Toast

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