Thursday, August 12, 2010

Peaks and Valleys

Dear Pebbled Streams,

America's Next Great Artist?
What next?
Isn't that a little broad?
Broad like Jonathan's shoulder's,
Even after the dramatic weight loss.
Let's be honest, Jonathan Paul is my sperm donor,
And the diabetes have left him thin, svelte.
Now they're both shrinking.
Help us.

I mean; the Chef's, and the runways, they could benefit from some exposer, it seems, but the art school drop outs? That's a stretch. Oh, I don't know, I don't follow that one.

But, the kitchen, and the shop; those surfaces seem naturally competitive. Am I crazy?

We do it,
And then give it,
And then do it again.

Well, I can't speak for all of us.
And aren't the cooks and milliners,

Why is this perturbing me?

Probably because I live for PR.
And, it might be getting out of hand, I carry them around with me.
And if I get sucked down another bravo rabbit hole I'm doomed.
Friend boy's mom is in the needle and thread business, and I love her, and she loves me, so someday I too will be a top chef master.

We watched it tonight,
Then friend boy had to go to the theatre to turn something on,
at 10pm.
That's how we roll the bobbins around here.
He's designing the sound for the next prime time, but on a system he's never worked with before.
And that's where I get lost.
Lost in the headphones and scratch paper thats confettied the office.

I have to get eight red clown noses for tomorrow.

He's started to collect drawers, so perfect.
Like that candy crust that hardens on the tops of fresh brownies, perfect, still warm.
He has many projects, they get on the floor, they stay on the floor.
When I clean them up, things get lost, I disperse, like the jews.
Thus, his collection of drawers.
I'm not kidding.
Honey, check out this pink file cabinet I got for two dollars at the brown elephant!
So, when I'm straightening up I'll just put everything in here!

Honey, I need a rubber chicken, a sharpie, and a flash drive.
Drawer 3 from the top.

Some double Decker stainless steel's appeared last weekend.
Lifetime together.

This time always gets me cause I'm a sap.
You know the time,
The tech time.
It's like water breaking.
Like how on Tuesday during home show rehearsal,
The balls brides were on the other side of us painting flats,
And jughead was in the kitchen building his fountain,
And there's a box of posters in the office.
Love posters.
Love a good poster.

Lindsay is a free woman,
that was quick.

Tech time at the Academy was blindingly awesome, a chariot on your tongue.

Don't really remember tech time in Dekalb.
Only the lights-

Of Laramie-


And the web of incest that chain smoked other people's butts/and huddled against the cute girl/me/ in vintage coats/and crayon hair/said they were going to McDonalds/but really ditching you to go buy hard drugs from a dark Attic/but finding you later to have their way with you before you took your skirt off/hard to eat/ pray/ love/ your way out of that one/

Thank you now of now. I knew you'd like me. Julia Roberts is a vision.

Young president/Even younger theatre company,
Skin and Toast

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