Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Goodbye Rocky, whom I affectionately call the professor, grande cappuccino. Exact change, elderly.
Goodbye Elizabeth, venti nonfat latte with a tall cup of non fat foam on the side. I remember when you were pregnant with Libby, now she's a person, she talks and goes to school.
Goodbye Anne with the venti one tea bag zen, one honey, and easy ice water. Thank you for talking my ear off every morning, thank you for taking such an interest in my life, thank you so much for that one time. Thank you for holding up the line three times a day, that was liberating to watch.
Oh, Bernie, you could be my favorite with your doppio machiatto to go, stale madelines, two eggs sunny side up, and the blond in the corner.
Ladies and gentlemen; Joe! Put your hands together. Somehow I got in the habit of announcing you each and every 10am, really loud, shame you leaned towards the racist side.
Walter outside with the street wise, you could gossip circles around any one of my Croatian girlfriends, solid my brother, solid. Don't steal.
Andy with the Venti unsweetened no water easy ice black iced tea. You stopped coming in suddenly, I was worried so I asked the other guys from your office if everything was OK. Turns out your husband died. I'm so sorry. They say you're doing better.
Pat, tall iced coffee with milk. If we forget to sweeten it you get your headaches. You retired last year. It's not the same without you.
Grace, tall red eye with ice, you moved to Texas, I will never forget you, you always looked so confident, I imagine you're a pediatric heart surgeon; kind eyes. Thank you, thank you.
Random guy who said he'd be back in three hours with his girlfriend, we'll order tea and take a seat by the window, would you mind bringing this Tiffany's vase containing a dozen long stem roses out to our table? Sure. Thank you, I'm proposing tonight and I want to make it special. No problem. You tipped well, most I've ever gotten in a night.
Rado, you were in the second world war, I could see it, you called me your friend and I believed you.
The freaks.
The blue collars.
The Christmas spirits.
The blind.
The after school punks.
The new moms.
The hopeful screen writers.
The lost.

It's been a pleasure.

Everyone else,
I hope you get what you deserve.
I live to prove you wrong.

Just hired at the local independent, get insurance through school, don't need your commute, or your tone, it's your tone that really got to me,
Skin and Toast

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