Sunday, December 1, 2013

Back From Jersey


Went to Jersey to the house on the waves.
Fake mom purchased real dinner from real ladies who work in real shops.
They'll cater your thanksgiving real nice.
It's off season of course.
No problem honey.
Sure is breezy on the dock.
The good doctor is now one hundred and one
he has a chair and a piece of pie all day each day behind just the biggest windows you ever did see.
Rejoice rejoice fresh towels red skies.

It's advent in Chicago.

There was a baby in church today eight
days old.
They brought her up and blessed her head.

Life raft turned 32 years
last night.
Mulled wine and brilliant conversations.

I registered for a two week summer class in London with professor haven't worked with yet.

It's advent in Chicago.

Means good luck,
Skin & Blue Grass

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