Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Its pride baby!

Everybody knows the best time to come on out to the ol' Neo Futurist funeral home performance art cult classic line up is-- your favorite holiday and mine--PRIDE! Excuse me, your pride is showing, its showing hard, you left the lube out all over the bathroom counter! Come on my brothers and sisters! Strap on your favorite pair of rainbow colored suspenders and get yo self a ticket! 100% of ticket sales go to this really cool organization called UCan. It's an organization that provides safe homes for queer youth who have been kicked out of their families. I mean seriously, buy ten tickets, do it! How much money did you spend on your last vibrator? C'mon, how much? Wow! It does what now? We've come a long way since the electric tooth brush! Just saying.

This Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 8pm. Tickets available on line. Going fast!

And Sunday look for us in the parade, Oh my lanta, what am I gonna wear!? Oh yeah, nothing!

~Skinny toast & Tiny boobs

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