Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dialogue from the first university and I've still never been to San Francisco

Me: It's cold in the writing room, by the way.
Her: Well, then how do you explain the flowers?
Him: I don't explain anything, I work.
Me: Well, I take a lot of breaks.
Her: Normal people go to libraries.
Him: Normal people die, its all the same.
Me: Stop yelling.
Her: I imagined you'd be brave.

Me: She took me to a field one night after a long assignment was due. I pretended I had never been there. She told me it was more beautiful when on drugs and with men. I blew my nose and kept walking.

Him: Its funny the memories you make in your twenties. I was on a train most of the time. I had a car, but it was more trouble than it was worth. I was hospitalized and that scared me.

She: I started and stopped writing music. I got new clothes and met someone.

Us: I wonder what we're supposed to do now, besides get tattoos and fix our minds. Thank God we still all love each other, on the second floor of our neighbor's homes.

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