Thursday, January 26, 2012

Oh Boy There,

I took a break.
See, I've been working on one of those blasted applications again,
Trying to air brush my portfolio just right,
Not really feeling like writing anything new,
Feeling emotional looking at everything I've ever written,
And supposing; this has got to be good enough for whoever you are.
I'm not giving up.
We don't do that in this house.

I got two new tunes,
Some chick called Birdy,
She's from another country and she has this single called Skinny Love.
And these dudes from another other country called Of Monsters and Men.
Did I ever tell you I soak up this kind of thing, I mean soak,
Like, wrinkled fingers, and light heads.

And, I started another, an additional part time job.
Another adventure in barista precious grounds.
I'm a barista at Heritage Bikes.
Go there.
Its on Lincoln and Southport.
Right by the Golden Apple and the huge church.
Its brand new.
A tune up and a cup of Stumptown is only ten dollars, and you can hang out all day with me, I'm nice.
And everyone there is really nice.
A young couple from New York, it's their idea, and launch, they own the joint, and they're so hip, and creative, and approachable, and smart, and stylish, and busting with ideas.
They have a sister company in New York called Bowery Bikes.
But, now they have a cafe bike shop right here on Southport, and Lincoln, and me.
Its the first bike cafe in Chicago.
The bikes look so phat.
They're for the casual rider.
Have you heard of tweed?
Look it up.
I am, like totally getting a bike now.
I was afraid up until now.
Not afraid of riding,
Afraid of walking into a snobby bike cult shop nothing, just know everything, which I don't.
And Stumptown is way hot.
They flew out to teach us.
I can pour a heart now.
Yeah, check it out.
This week is soft opening.
Grad opening is this Saturday, 6pm--11pm.
Then we'll be open everyday 7-7.
There's long picnic like tables, and a bunch of hanging Edison bulbs.
Mr. Best Friend was there all day yesterday doing work on this lap top.
And he loved it.
And he doesn't love just anything.

Oh My God!
Like, his show like totally got in!!!!!!!!
Prime Time, 2013, Chiang, be there!
We have a year,
Lets get to work!
I'm in it too, so is T--Rex,
Hans Lullaby is in it too, first time on stage, ah!
And some other people that Mr. Best Friend doesn't know yet.
Its about fate, and Lord of the Flies, and a bunch of other stuff.
It's going to kill.

Then the president of Monkeys asked Mr. best Friend to direct a school show.
And he sure is going to direct it.
And as far as I'm concerned that's a big deal.

And then his painting that he painted with our good friend sticky,
They submitted it to a gallery in Seattle,
And it got in!
So, their work is going to be hanging in a real gallery.
How bout that?!
Their art space is launching by the way, they're having a soft opening next week, it's called Dead Squirrel; A Neo-Futurist Art Project.
Whatdoya think ah that!
I'm the managing director, I'm making the pamphlets.

Doing things.

I performed with Paper Girl two nights ago at the Hideout, it killed. It was for this thing called GRAZE University. We lectured on the history of the horse. It was so fun. It was a pot luck, I had the best cold curry noodles of my life.

Just keep eating.

Gotta go jet set some crazy stuff,

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