Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Few Minutes Late


Like bugs

Between the mop water

And the milk chugs

The cabinets

And the crinoline

The imports

And the napkins

The punch cards

And the lunch breaks

The swiffers

And the hand bags


Like vermin

On loafers

In the back

In the alley

On the phone

On the break

On the crate

For the ten

And something

An hour


In service

For ever

It seems

In the heat

With the bugs

To get

To the night

To the work


Like dragons

In mountains

Down streets

Between jobs

In the rapture of commute

She almost

Makes sense of things


Skin And Toast

Started two new jobs. Nothing ground breaking, but exactly what I wanted. And the class is flaming awesome. For me anyway, can't say for sure if I'm changing lives, but there are moments when we feel like they're actually listening to us, and that my friends is a win.

Friend boy also has a day job change, we're rearranging our new schedules around our well deserved leisurely mornings. I love transitional periods. Its almost fall on many levels right now.

And I miss school, and I want to go back.

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