Thursday, July 1, 2010

Back to Back in

Dear cities I've only ever driven through,

Oh, well. Let me tell ya.
It was like awesome.
I wore tights.
I had the best time.
Thank you so much.
Oh, my God so much has happened.
Then, we went to see The Chunk at the taste of Randolph of all places.
Oh, golly.
That was the next day and that was like so awesome, it was like oh my god.
I jumped.
I never jump.
I'm afraid of looking like a sack.
But, I did some jiggling at the love fest.
Because I was wearing tights.
Well, actually fish nets.
Oh my God, like, you have no idea.
They say ya'll in Maryland, ya'll.
So, I jumped.
It was fun.
The whole weekend I was determined to have a good time.
Something that doesn't always come naturally.
Not when tights and moving are involved.
Friend boy cried because he was happy or something.
He's a sensitive dinosaur.
It's so hot.
Like, Oh my God.
Because it's his favorite band.
And he wasn't at work.
And I was jumping with him.
Which meant that I didn't have a weird look on my face.
Which meant that he didn't have to worry about me.
Which meant that he could jump extra hard.
Which meant that time had bleached my arm hair so musk rat white that I needed ear plugs.
Then I went to math, and it was like oh my god.
And then my phone kept going off.
And I was like oh my god.
Then I went to the bathroom after he cut our cords for the day.
And I was soiled like a can of coke.
And you know how I like coke.
And periods.
Oh, my God. Anything period related I just love.
It's a hobby.
Then I was like, check that phone girl.
Then there was a picture of a little tiny little baby with a little tiny little hat and a little tiny little puffy eye ball. And I was like oh my god. It gets me every time. It's like so cool.
Anna Gloria Walsh.
Eight pounds.
One ounce.
21 inches.
Just fine.
That's what the phone said once I scrolled down.
Then my inbox was flooded with pictures and moments.
And the new person was hooked to all the old people.
And I was like oh my God, be careful.
Don't get too attached.
And then I was like,
And that was like so awesome.
Like so the thing to be chanting over and over.
Like, oh my god.
Then I went to Lexington.
With the showsy whoasy.
And it was another fun fun fun.
Except for that one little moment with the bald guy.
And the one other little moment at the bookstore when the guy behind the counter told me I was stupid.
Oh my God.
The show was the show.
But, the big news is that friend boy was there.
There had been a rule that we couldn't tour together.
I made that rule.
But, when this tour came up.
It was a short one,
And I was like Oh my God.
And then we had the time of our lives.
We stayed in an attic.
And I liked being on stage with him for the very first time.
That only took two years of crying in the green room.
Told you I was slow.
This is getting personal.
Oh well!
Oh my God.
Now I'm back in the home show,
So, it's like Oh my God.
Gotta go!

Skin and Toast

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