Wednesday, June 2, 2010

From the inside out

Dear Matchbook,
I like the way you follow me everywhere I go.
I like that.
I like the way you sleep, and snore, and dream, and wake yourself up all inside the twenty minutes it takes me to do the dishes.
I like the way you sometimes lick my toes for no reason and it kind of tickles.
I like the little snip out of your right eye, makes you look tuff.
I like the way you can't stop crying every time the shower's running, you sit on the toilette and cry, and cry, in agony until I'm done with my legs. I can only assume that something horrible happened in some bathroom somewhere before we adopted you.
I like the way you drink ice cold water out of ceramic coffee mugs sometimes as a treat.
I like the way you kind of choke when I pick you up, and squirm until I release you, and then run right back for more.
I don't like war.
As a concept.

Ugly Protective Blisters,
Skin and Toast

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