Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Dear Book Worms,

You would not like what your name sake is doing to the face.
Having one of those days where I hate the scroll down.
Wish I could change the color of my background like I wish I could change the color of my skin.
Change it to something that has suffered to accurately represent what went on during the formative years with Linda.
Is that racist?
Yes, Beverley Tatum, yes it is, also, your name rhymes with taint.
My point is that we have communicated every nuance of this pregnancy through facebook!
And when I say we, I mean them, not necessarily me.
Merely the public, generation me.
A memoir by Kate Hepburn.
I also found a small patch of mold under the kitty's water dish and it made my mouth hot.
I think I lost you,
Not you,
Also, it's never been my place.
Or my cup.
Or my Father.
Or my science.
Or my dress.
Or my sister.
Or my license.
Or my sand.
Or my coast.
Or my business.
Just my rage, and my lock, and my need.
Also, your shoulders go up when you smile,
They go up so high that my nose bleeds,
Thick, golf ball baby bleeds.
Maybe the death will come before the helpless.
The death we've all been praying on,
Choking on,
Counting on.
Except I keep telling you crazy vampire half people,
Down here on planet CBS,
There's no way of telling just who's gonna go and when.
Only that it will,

Skin and Toast

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